With all of the technology involved in today’s cars, it’s hard for most drivers to understand all there is to know about their vehicle’s brakes. For example, BMW or Mercedes brake systems go well beyond pads and rotors and include warning lights, sensors, auto-stop, and many other features. The knowledgeable technicians at Autopotenza LLC. are trained in all of the new technologies and features so that we can continue to be the most trusted European car facility in Indianapolis.

Signs Your Brake System Needs Repairs

While your brakes should be inspected at each regular maintenance appointment, it is possible that signs of wear might appear between visits. Things to look out for that would indicate your Mercedes or BMW brakes need professional inspection would include:

Unusual noises – squealing, clicking, grinding, or screeching sounds are the most obvious. The squealing is actually an indicator on your brake pads, telling you they need to be replaced.

Dashboard lights – if your dashboard brake light or service light comes on, that’s a pretty clear sign you need to bring in your vehicle before things get worse.

Vibrations – when breaking you might feel as though the pedal or whole vehicle is pulsing or vibrating. This feels similar to the pulse you feel from the antilock brakes but would happen under regular braking conditions.

Finicky brake pedal – this sign is variable and could be a hard pedal needing lots of pressure, or a super soft pedal that goes down very far before it engages.

Pulling – the car may pull to one side or the other when braking. Don’t mistake this for alignment issues or with bad driving conditions. 

When it comes to vehicle safety,don’t take any chances; nothing is more important than a perfectly functioning braking system. Contact us today at (317) 267-5597 to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance, wheel alignment, or brake service on your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Mini Cooper.

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