Owning a Mercedes-Benz is a privilege and a responsibility. Driving a European car can make you feel powerful, but it’s also vital to ensure your Benz is in top-notch condition. Scheduling regular maintenance and tackling repairs immediately is essential to driving a high-performing Mercedes Benz. 

One of the most important maintenance services for your Mercedes is a wheel alignment. The team at Autopotenza LLC. is happy to perform this service for your foreign car. Keep reading to learn what a wheel alignment is and why it’s essential for your Mercedes-Benz. 

The Importance of a Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is an adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension system, specifically how the wheels come in contact with the road. The angles of the wheels are aligned according to the recommendations set by Mercedes-Benz, allowing each tire to experience equal pressure as you drive on the road.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of scheduling regular Mercedes alignment are exponential. You and your passengers will enjoy a seamless ride unlike any you’ve experienced, and the suspension system on your Mercedes will last longer, too. When aligned tires come into contact with the road, the tread wears evenly, helping extend the life of your tires. Plus, this takes a lot of stress off the suspension system, increasing its lifespan.

When Should My Benz Have One Completed?

We recommend Mercedes-Benz wheel alignments be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations — every 10,000 to 18,000 miles, or once a year. A wheel alignment from our foreign car specialists includes inspecting the wheels, tires, axles, and steering and suspension systems. Fluid levels are checked and power steering systems are reset for optimal performance.

Schedule a Mercedes Alignment Today

With our John Bean Pro42 laser imaging system, we can accurately correct any Mercedes alignment issues, restoring the wheel positions of your Benz to their original specifications. Contact our East Indianapolis location at (317) 267-5597 to schedule an appointment today. We gladly serve Fishers, Geist, and the surrounding areas with our Mercedes service, repair, and maintenance, and have expert knowledge in other European brands such as BMW, Mini Cooper, Jaguar, Audi, Nissan, and Lexus.

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