A luxury car, like a Jaguar, should always be operating in top-notch condition. This is why it’s important to watch for specific issues or problems that can be common to Jaguars. Autopotenza LLC. can repair or service your Jaguar when any issues arise, especially when you begin to notice one of these five common problems.

Watch For These 5 Common Problems That Affect Jaguars

1. Transmission Problems

One of the common issues with Jaguars happens to be with their transmission. These European vehicles tend to experience early transmission failure. The only way to accurately determine if the transmission needs to be repaired is by running a comprehensive diagnostic.

2. Ignition Coil Issues

Ignition coils aid in creating the sparks needed to ignite the fuel. Sometimes these coils fail and cause the engine to run inadequately. This problem can occur intermittently and often doesn’t trigger the check engine light. 

3. Coolant & Engine Difficulties

Some Jaguars have problems with coolant loss. If the coolant reservoir begins to leak, this can cause pooling underneath the engine. If the reservoir fails altogether, the resulting coolant loss can trigger the engine to overheat. This can cause extensive damage to your Jaguar, leading to several repairs. 

4. Brake Failure

A specific part of the antilock brake system, the brake pressure accumulator, has been known to fail. This causes the brake pedal to go stiff making it difficult to slow down or stop. If you hear any clicking or squealing noises coming from the front brakes, you may need to have your brake system checked.

5. Engine Issues

A couple of engine problems that have been discovered in Jaguars include issues with the timing chain and overheating engines. If you hear noises coming from the engine upon starting or idling, there could be a problem with the timing chain tensioner. An overheating engine can damage the cylinder bores which can result in the vehicle using too much oil. 

Professional Jaguar Technicians

If you notice any of these issues with your Jaguar, contact Autopotenza at our west location at (317) 744-9386. We provide auto repair and maintenance services for several other foreign luxury vehicles including BMWs, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, Porsche, and Range Rovers in Carmel, Zionsville, and the entire Indianapolis area.

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