As the owner of a luxury vehicle, there’s no doubt you take optimal care of your Jaguar. There are annual brake inspections, regular oil changes, and yearly tire rotations. Although you already follow the recommended Jaguar maintenance program, there may be significant signs that a tune-up is needed sooner rather than later. If you begin to notice any of the following symptoms, don’t delay! Autopotenza LLC recommends taking your Jaguar into an experienced foreign vehicle mechanic before it’s too late.

3 Warning Signs That Your Jaguar Needs a Tune-Up

1. Stalling & Shaking

You own a luxury vehicle for several reasons; one of those is the sheer amount of power and control these vehicles offer. When you begin to stall at intersections or the engine shakes when you power up that gas pedal, it’s time to schedule a Jaguar service appointment. Simple fixes such as bad spark plugs or clogged fuel filters are the most likely culprits for these symptoms. 

2. Reduced Gas Mileage

A sure sign that your Jaguar needs a tune-up is a drastic reduction in gas mileage. Not only will your engine thank you, but so will your wallet. A number of straightforward repairs can help increase the efficiency of your engine. Cleaning or replacing the air filter, spark plugs, wires, and coils – even a simple oil change can make all the difference. If there’s something else lurking underneath the hood of your Jaguar, a tune-up is the best time for a certified mechanic to discover it before it causes more damage.

3. Check Engine Light

The most obvious sign that your Jaguar must be serviced is the dreaded “check engine” light. This is your vehicle telling you to make that maintenance appointment NOW before it’s too late. Sometimes a faulty sensor can turn that bright light on, but why take a chance? Be sure to take action immediately by contacting a certified luxury vehicle mechanic.

Schedule an Appointment Today

The next time you notice any of the symptoms noted above, contact Autopotenza to schedule a Jaguar tune-up appointment. Call either of our Indianapolis locations – East (317) 267-5597 or West (317) 744-9386, or complete our convenient online form. We also service a number of other luxury vehicles including BMWs, Mini Coopers, and Range Rovers.

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