If you’ve noticed your BMW pulling to one side, vibrations in the steering wheel, or uneven wear on the tires, it might be time for a wheel alignment from the foreign car specialists at Autopotenza LLC. in Indianapolis. Contact us at (317) 267-5597 (East) or (317) 744-9386 (West) to schedule an appointment for your BMW alignment.

Schedule a Wheel Alignment

Our ASE-certified technicians are prepared to straighten out your daily drive by making sure the wheels of your high-performance vehicle are in the perfect position. And that’s just one of the many BMW services available at our Indianapolis shop.

Modern Tire Alignment Equipment

At Autopotenza, we utilize a state-of-the-art wireless imaging wheel alignment system made by Snap-On/John Bean. This high-tech equipment ensures our BMW alignment services meet factory specifications. Once reset, your vehicle’s wheels will be straight as an arrow.

We also use a clamping system that avoids scratching wheels and allows us to work on the larger tires often found on modified BMWs and race cars.

Wheel Alignment Service

Every second on the road presents an opportunity for your wheels to hit a pothole, bump, or other debris. These obstacles also can harm the ball joints, shock absorbers, tie rods, and wheel configuration on your BMW. Improperly maintained wheels and suspension systems typically show up as steering problems, and they also wear down tires quickly, waste fuel, and reduce safety for everyone on the road.

A wheel alignment check is recommended every 10,000 to 18,000 miles, or about once a year. With our four-wheel alignment service, a technician inspects all components of your steering and suspension systems, including the tires, wheels, and axles. We even have the capability to reset electronic power steering systems when needed.

The European car specialists at Autopotenza understand how important it is to keep your high-performance vehicle performing well. Whether it’s a BMW alignment, brake service, auto body and collision repairs, or regular maintenance, our experienced professionals get the job done right the first time.

We’re located on the east side of Indianapolis, a short drive from Geist and Fishers, and we also service Mercedes, Mercedes Sprinter, and many other European vehicles, including Mini Cooper, Jaguar, Porsche, Range Rover, Fiat, Maserati, and Ferrari. We accept diesel vehicles as well for repairs and maintenance. Call us at (317) 267-5597 (East) or (317) 744-9386 (West) today to make an appointment, and be sure to leave us a positive review when we exceed your expectations.