If your BMW’s tires are worn and damaged or you’re experiencing excessive noises coming from the steering wheel, it’s probably time for a wheel alignment. This procedure is performed by our certified mechanics and consists of making adjustments to the tires and suspension system, resulting in a perfectly aligned vehicle. Keep reading to learn exactly what’s included in the first-rate wheel alignment process at Autopotenza LLC.

6 Steps to a BMW Wheel Alignment

1. First Test Drive

The first thing our certified mechanic will do is take your BMW for a test drive. This will give him a first-hand look and feel of how your car is handling. For example, he will check if the car is pulling to one side and listen for any squealing coming from the tires. 

2. Tires & Suspension

Next, your car will be raised on a hoist where the mechanic will examine the tires and suspension, checking for damage or excessive signs of wear and tear. If there are any parts that need to be replaced, it’s best to do this before the alignment process begins.

3. Tire Pressure

Once any repairs are made, our mechanic will test the pressure of all four tires. Adjustments to the tire pressure also need to be made prior to the wheel alignment.

4. Alignment Machine

Now it’s time for the alignment process. Your BMW will be hooked up to our state-of-the-art wireless imaging wheel alignment system. Our certified mechanic will make any necessary adjustments according to manufacturer specifications provided by BMW.

5. Steering Wheel

Now that the alignment process is finished, the mechanic will center the steering wheel. Along with the wheel alignment, the centered steering wheel will ensure you can drive your vehicle straight and safely.

6. Second Test Drive

After the first five steps, our certified mechanic will take your BMW for a second test drive. If all is well, we’ll give you a call and let you know your BMW is ready.

Contact Us for Expert BMW Service & Repair

You can trust in the expert BMW alignment and maintenance services provided by Autopotenza. Call our East location today at (317) 267-5597 to make an appointment. We also provide repair services for other foreign vehicles including Mercedes, Mini Coopers, and Jaguars, in Fishers and the surrounding East Indianapolis areas.

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