Mercedes Wheel AlignmentPreventative car maintenance is important to you because you love your car. You worked hard for that BMW or Mercedes, and you want to make sure your vehicle stays in top condition. You’ve been religious about getting an oil change and have even made sure to schedule an annual tune-up. However, it may be time to include wheel alignment in your regular maintenance rotation with Autopotenza LLC.

“But why is wheel alignment important?” you ask. Here’s why: Your vehicle has a unique design, with thousands of components that simultaneously work together to give you a smooth, reliable ride. Your manufacturer sets standards for these components (including the wheels) that must be maintained in order for the car to function properly. When our auto mechanics perform tire alignment, they adjust the position of your wheels so that the vehicle is in the manufacturer’s intended specifications.

Alignment can help avoid or address many of these common car problems:

  • Tire wear
  • Vehicle “pulling” one way
  • Steering wheel vibration

Additionally, proper alignment can help your vehicle run more efficiently, thus burning less fuel and saving you money.

At Autopotenza, we want to help you keep your luxury vehicle operating at peak performance. For the most part, unlike an oil change, most vehicles need to have their tires aligned once a year—a service you can easily add on to your annual tune-up. However, we recommend that you follow your European car’s manufacturer recommendations for routine wheel alignment. 

Autopotenza is your one-stop-shop for maintaining most high-performance European vehicles. Our mechanics are ASE-certified and ready to serve you. From oil changes to brake service, our crew has you covered. To schedule wheel alignment for your Audi, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, or other European import, contact Autopotenza at (317) 267-5597 to set up an appointment.


photo credit: German Engineering via photopin (license)

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