As the weather gets warmer in Indianapolis, people get motivated to get stuff done. You’re ready to tackle spring cleaning, do a little lawn maintenance, and catch up on your car’s maintenance. If car care for your BMW or Mercedes is on your spring to-do list, then make sure you follow these three tips from Autopotenza LLC.—Indy’s premier mechanic for imported vehicles.


1. Give your BMW a bath.

It’s finally time to say goodbye to that Indiana road salt! While you’ve likely been washing your car all winter to try to protect your car’s finish, now is the time for a deep cleaning. Take some time to hand wash your vehicle, or take it to a professional car wash or detailing service.

2. Schedule routine maintenance.

Spring is a great time of the year to schedule your annual tune-up. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep larger repairs at bay. Bring your BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, or other imported car in to Autopotenza for a full tune-up. We offer a couple different service packages, depending on your vehicle’s needs. At a minimum, our preventative maintenance includes a 27-point inspection, oil change, filter replacement, fluid check, tire check, and brake inspection.

3. Prep your car for your vacation.

Before you head out on vacation, make sure your vehicle gets an oil change. You may also want to consider asking your auto mechanic whether it’s time for wheel alignment and tire rotation. Most experts agree that alignment and tire rotation is needed every 7,500 miles (or every other oil change). Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations.

Ready to schedule your spring car maintenance? Contact Autopotenza of Indianapolis at (317) 267-5597. We will help you keep your BMW, Mini Cooper, or Mercedes in great shape for the fun, warmer months ahead.


photo credit: Untitled via photopin (license)

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