We probably shouldn’t be thinking about winter weather while the summer sun is still shining, but it’s always best to be prepared ahead of schedule. It’s essential to have your Mini Cooper prepped and ready for driving on Indiana’s snowy and icy winter roads. At Autopotenza LLC, we highly recommend you follow these three steps in order to get your Mini Cooper ready for winter driving.

3 Steps to Prepping Your Mini Cooper for Winter Driving

1. Snow Tires

One of the best ways to safeguard against accidents caused by ice and snow is investing in a good set of snow tires. These types of wheels will make it easier for your Mini Cooper to grip the road, even if it’s covered in ice, snow, or slush. Snow tires were created to improve traction, which also greatly improves your chances of driving safely when it’s snowing.

2. Brake Inspection

We can all agree that brakes are an essential auto system any time of the year. Mini Coopers have some amazing and modern brake safety features, like anti-lock brakes and automatic stability control. We recommend scheduling a brake inspection to ensure your brakes are working at top-notch performance. Plus, if they’re not up to par, those advanced features will not be much help when driving on wet roads.

3. Wipers & Lights

While investing in a good set of snow tires and having the brakes inspected will get your Mini Cooper winter-road ready, checking the windshield wipers, wiper fluid, and taillights will also aid in safe driving for you and others on the road with you. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your windshield wipers or they’re not working as well as they should be, now is a great time to replace them. Also, purchase some windshield washer fluid that contains a de-icer to keep your windshield from icing up. If any of the taillights need to be fixed, again, now is the time to take care of this essential task.

Schedule Service for Your Mini Cooper Today

Don’t wait until the snow starts flying to get your Mini Cooper ready for winter. Contact us today at either of our Indianapolis locations at (317) 267-5597 (East) or (317) 744-9386 (West) to set up an appointment. Our professional mechanics repair other foreign luxury vehicles throughout Zionsville and the surrounding areas, including Jaguar, Porsche, Range Rover, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

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